Special plant engineering

Surface processing with SLCR Lasers offers almost unlimited possibilities

The special plant engineering division, consisting of the mechanical and electrical design, software and process development departments, is the heart of our company. For 25 years, our machines and systems have been optimally designed taking into account customer-specific requirements in a holistic manner and with the best expertise.
The spectrum of applications is large and goes far beyond the pure application of laser technology. In order to meet your requirements, we deal extensively with the development and optimal realization of your operating processes and plant technology.

As a leader in innovation and technology, we consistently gear our laser solutions to the needs of our customers. All standard equipment and special systems are developed by us and built from high-quality components made in Germany.
Automation technology has become an indispensable part of today's machine and system world. Our in-house specialists are responsible for developing and adapting your plant according to economic aspects.

If you order a plant from us, you will have one contact person from our project management for the entire process, from conception to final acceptance.

The SLCR laser process is a convincing alternative to conventional processing methods such as chemistry, grinding, sandblasting, etc. and offers several advantages:

  • wear-free, gentle and controllable processing of a wide variety of materials
  • fast, clean and dust-free; no impairment of the working environment or the workpiece by wet chemical or other auxiliary materials
  • no further pre- or post-treatment necessary
  • precisely controllable processing results in excellent reproducible quality
  • environmentally and user friendly
  • robust, industrially proven technology
  • high process efficiency
  • very low operating costs

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