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lightCLEANER® & lightMARKER®


lightCLEANER® - Tire Line

lightCLEANER - Tire Line

Our lightCLEANER-Tire systems enable release agents, oils and impurities to be removed from the inner surface of a tire. Unwanted and disruptive contamination can be efficiently removed with the help of laser ablation without damaging the tire underneath.

The adhesive process can then be applied to the optimally prepared surface for:

- Gluing in of sensors

- Noise-reducing foams or self-sealing materials in the event of tire damage


  • Reproducible processing results - the laser process is designed in our laboratories and demo systems for the respective application and always achieve the same parameters in later use

  • Dry and clean process - no consumables such as chemical cleaning additives, dry ice or blasting material are required

  • Selective cleaning - the laser only works where the customer wants it, other areas remain untouched

  • Industry 4.0 - Our system controls are fully digitized and can be maintained via remote control (significant cost savings on site and higher system availability)

lightCLEANER® - Brake Line

lightCLEANER - Brake Line

Developed for the highest demands in the production of safety-relevant components. The Brake Line series are conveyor belt-based cleaning stations. Carrier plates can be cleaned fully automatically and, if desired, also pretreated (roughening the surface for better adhesion of coatings such as powder paints).

Depending on the component and customer requirements, the cycle time is 1.5 - 3.5 seconds. The processing takes place "on-the-fly" without stopping the conveyor belt.


  • Cleaning without blasting media (no particles carried over) - longer service life of the brakes and the laser system

  • Also suitable for pre-adhesive treatment

  • Extremely low operating costs - usually less than 1 cent per component

lightCLEANER® - Tube Line

lightCLEANER – Tube Line

With our turnkey systems for cleaning and pretreating rotationally symmetrical bodies, such as pipes, shafts, rotors and lines, you can process your components quickly and easily. With the integrated suction you get a complete system that is ready for immediate use. The lightCLEANER Tube Line machines are able to laser components up to a length of 15 meters. Our Tube Line systems are also used for machining brake discs, sprockets and differential housings.


  • Energy efficient: less energy consumption than conventional washing machines

  • Reliable: no additional contamination from cleaning agent residues, practical, maintenance-free

  • Quality: all typical organic residues are removed

  • Very cost effective

  • Stable process: not dependent on water quality and its additives

lightCLEANER® - Bake Line

lightCLEANER - Bake Line

In close cooperation with a large baking machine manufacturer, we have developed fully automated solutions for cleaning baking molds. These machines have been used by our customers in the food industry for many years. Even stubborn residues are removed by laser cleaning. In order to maximize the productivity of the bakery factories, the production staff regularly clean the baking plates so that the baked products do not stick to their finely structured surface and disrupt the entire process. Due to the dry, clean and very efficient process, the lightCLEANER - Bake Line simplifies the cleaning cycle considerably.


  • No process media (CO2 pallets, blasting media, chemicals)

  • Dry process

  • No damage to the baking molds

  • In-line assembly possible or as a dock-on device

  • Continuous cleaning of the hot mold in motion or cleaning at defined intervals

  • Fully automatic solutions possible

lightCLEANER® - Rim Line

lightCLEANER - Rim Line

The lightCLEANER-Rim Line was specially developed for the partial stripping of painted light alloy wheels. By using these systems, you reduce the masking and unmasking steps in your production process and at the same time increase product quality. The focused laser beam only removes the paint layers where it is defined by the customer. This gives you excellent transitions between painted and unpainted surfaces and no fraying of the paintwork.


  • Elimination of the process steps "masking and unmasking"

  • no balls or plugs - no cleaning of residues

  • Improved paint quality

  • Reduced operating and manufacturing costs (no expenses for stoppers and their cleaning)

  • Reduced workload (no complex masking and unmasking)

  • Optimal transition to the coated area

  • Reliable reproducibility of the work results (improvement in relation to the wear of the plugs)

lightCLEANER® - Box

With the modular design of the lightCLEANER box, we can develop customised laser cleaning solutions that meet your requirements. The laser protection cell can be individually configured in width, length and height. On request, processing can also take place either automatically with our lightCLEANER-PRO (ABB robot) or with a 6-axis system. The component feed can also take place via different systems.

Laser powers are possible from 50 W to 2000 W.

1. Select a size according to your components
2. Select a component feed system (conveyor belt, chain conveyor, rotary table, manual)
3. Automated (robot) or axis system
4. In a final step, select the laser source and power.


lightCLEANER® - PRO C-Line & F-Line

Production processes are becoming increasingly complex. In the context of Industry 4.0, these must also be intelligently networked, efficient and sustainable. To meet these demands, we have developed a laser-based robot for gentle laser surface processing, which has been successfully used in various industries for several years: Our lightCLEANER®- PRO.

In addition to our stationary or hand-held SLCR laser systems, this solution gives you the opportunity to fully automate your processes and make them even more efficient.


  • High degree of precision and flexibility - Even complex component geometries can be processed with the lightCLEANER®- PRO with sharp edges.
  • Individual - Different versions with CO2 laser or fibre laser in different performance classes depending on customer application
  • Process-reliable - Fully automated process guarantees consistently good quality


lightMARKER® - Skin Line

lightMARKER®- Skin Line

The patented laser marking process "EP 3269829" from SLCR laser technology enables the finished leather to be traced back to the farms where the animals once lived. Laser marking is becoming more and more popular as a surface-friendly and yet permanent alternative to conventional punching processes, as it is completely contact-free. The marking is applied to the fresh skin and is still visible after the tanning process without negatively affecting the quality and properties of the leather.


  • Non-destructive - Compared to the punching process, the surface is not destroyed. This means that there is no further loss of material

  • Permanent - The marking is visible even after the tanning process

  • Precise - Filigree markings, graphics or rows of numbers can be applied by the laser process

lightMARKER® - Metal Line

lightMARKER®- Metal Line

The SLCR laser marking process is ideal for materials of all kinds, especially metals such as steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, etc. The application of company logos and codes of different types like data matrix codes, barcodes or numerical series in different sizes is also possible.


  • Good readability - For different scanner systems

  • Permanent - Even after several years, the marking with the lightMARKER® Metal Line is still visible

  • Gentle - Surrounding areas are not damaged

lightMARKER® - Rubber Line

lightMARKER® - Rubber Line

Brining markings gently and precisely to tire sidewalls, but also to create adhesive points for sensor technology inside the tire. This and more applications are possible with our SLCR lightMARKER®- Rubber Line. A small amount of the rubber material is removed without adversely affecting the properties of the overall product. The whole process is non-contact and fully automated.


  • Cost effective - There is no need to use expensive stamps

  • Consistently good quality - Through automation

  • Short set-up times - There is no need to change stamps and so longer downtimes are minimized

lightMARKER® - Synthetic Line

lightMARKER®- Synthetic Line

In addition to metals and rubber, plastics of all kinds can also be marked by using lasers. This is possible with our systems of the lightMARKER®-Synthetic Line, precisely, very easy to read and without melting the surrounding areas. The markings are permanent, smudge-proof and abrasion-resistant.


  • No drying time - Consumables such as ink are completely dispensed with

  • High environmental compatibility - no auxiliary materials

  • High speed - depending on the laser power, markings can be applied in a few seconds

lightMARKER® - Glass Line

lightMARKER® - Glass Line

For two decades, the laser marking belongs to a well established industrial application for a laminary surface treatment. Permanent, smear-resistant markings on glasses such as calibration marks, company logos etc. can be added touchless, even on curved areas. Even a marking “inside the glass” is possible e.g. in champagne glasses as a sparkling point.


  • Flexible - Contact free markings on stationary and moving product

  • Easy integration – Our lightMARKER® can easily be integrated into existing production lines

  • Non-destructive - Only the marking is applied. Surrounding areas are not affected.

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